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But yet, some women aren't always comfortable having someone go down on them even though they love oral sex.​ Well, that's exactly what Lorals, new underwear made for oral sex, is trying to combat.​ It's for women who want to have oral sex, but sometimes find themselves saying no.

This lingerie is designed to be left on during oral sex She says 80% of women (​this data comes from a survey of people that the brand.

They're a new way to say yes to oral sex, because too many of us have turned it in black latex panty Backside of a woman in latex underwear for oral sex Hand​.

It might not seem like it, but technology played a big role in the creation of Lorals, panties that are available for presale today. These are panties.

The intimacy of oral sex is what some women crave, whereas others find it stress-​inducing. In fact, according to data compiled by.