Meatotomy: Procedure, Recovery, Risks, What to Expect, and More - enlarging your pee hole


A Guide to Sounding: The Kink Where You Stick a Rod Up Your Urethra - VICE enlarging your pee hole

Meatotomy is a surgery done to widen the meatus. The meatus is the opening at the tip of the penis where.

First of all, you will damage your body, and who knows what bad results could follow. If blood coagulated and blocked the flow of urine you.

My first time witnessing a man have something crammed into his dick hole involved an extreme fetish video called Two Kids, One Sandbox.

In other words, you don't have to enlarge pee hole so much as you need to make sure that your urethra is wide enough for the toys you want to.

Meatoplasty is a surgery in which the opening of the penis is enlarged. Meatotomy is the surgical opening of the hole (urethral meatus) with no stitching. Your child's doctor will began an exam by taking a urine sample to test for a urinary.