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Example color chart to compare home urine test strip colors in comparison to a urinalysis color chart of what each ideal test result color should.

A urine test strip or dipstick is a basic diagnostic tool used to determine pathological changes in . Two colour charts are provided that correspond to the reactions that occur with hemoglobinuria, myoglobinuria and hematuria (RBCs). In the.

Before testing the urine using a reagent dipstick strip, the observations listed should be completed. The following factors can also affect results.

Urine reagent test strips are easy to use, cost-effective medical tool that allow for the specific diagnosis and effective treatment of various disease states.

Urine Strip. 10, 10 AA, 11, WARNINGS. Urine strip test strips are for “in vitro” diagnostic use and. C 6- Carefully compare the results with the color chart on.