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It can come as quite a surprise to feel a vibration or buzzing in or near your vagina.​ Basically, anyone with a vagina could feel a vibrating sensation at some point.​ Pelvic floor disorders can cause muscle spasms in the pelvis, which might feel like a vibration in or near your.

After I started doing kegel exercises, these vaginal contractions got more frequent.​ They'd start a few minutes before orgasm and be spaced a few minutes or seconds apart, getting closer together over time.​ The scientific term is "increased vaginal motility with increasing arousal.

Vaginal contractions are contractions of the pelvic muscles surrounding the vagina, especially the pubococcygeus muscle. Vaginal contractions are generally an.

Vaginismus is a condition in which involuntary muscle spasm prevents vaginal penetration. hyperventilation, palpitations, trembling, shaking, nausea, vomiting, losing consciousness, wanting to jump off the table, or attacking the doctor.

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