Penis sores: 12 causes and treatments - linear skin ulcer on penis


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The physical examination was normal except for the penile lesion. and had one sexual partner who denied having any skin lesions or pruritus. are urticarial, erythematous, eczematous, or linear fixed drug eruption. Rarely.

Many sores on the penis occur due to sexually transmitted infections or chronic skin conditions. Learn about 12 possible causes and their.

Differential Diagnosis. DDx Strength: Weak. Shaft of penis, Multiple skin lesions Add or remove findings. Consider 1st. Consider 2nd. 2. Emergencies.

The differential diagnosis of a genital ulcer includes infections, neoplasms, and Whether the penile lesion in our patient was a simple skin dissemination.

Last month, you conquered the diagnosis of noninfectious penile lesions—but do you know what to look for in their infectious counterparts? The physical.