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About Soy and Phytoestrogens: A Cautionary Tale by Dr John Lee M.D. how much soy asian people eat

Way back in the fall, when I reviewed The Vegetarian Myth, I promised to follow-​up with some perspective on the controversies surrounding.

It's surprising that so much misinformation about Asian soyfood intake is no single answer to this question: “How much soy do Asians eat?

But What About All Those Asians? When fermented (as in traditional soy sauce or natto), soy is much more nutritious and much less toxic.

What are the dangers of consuming too much soy? If a keto diet is healthiest, then how can Asian people eat rice and live long lives?

A typical Japanese person eats soy for breakfast. Asian women, for example, have a much lower incidence of the disease compared with.