A hoax most cruel: Caller coaxed McDonald's managers into strip-searching a worker - wendy strip search


Strip-Search Hoaxer - CBS News wendy strip search

Managers of Wendy's restaurants in Abington, Wareham, Whitman, and West Bridgewater have been suspended with pay, after they.

Critics ask, why not just do fewer strip searches? Wendy Gillis. By Wendy Gillis​Crime Reporter. Wed., Nov. 20, timer5 min. read. As the force continues to.

Needless strip searching will never be eliminated when the police treat the behaviour as a “less serious” form By Wendy GillisNews reporter.

I would have just walked out, and over to my lawyers office. Was there any money actually missing? If you try to strip search me, your dental plan had better be.

Cleveland County sheriff's deputies say they searched the woman's home in calls from a pervert who tells them to strip-search employees and sometimes even The creepy con- man has hit four Wendy's in Massachusetts, posing as a​.