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May is Seat Belt Safety Awareness Month, and officers are stepping up of all Texas crashes in which people died and weren't wearing a seat belt, . For the first time, all passengers (including adults) in the back seat now.

Texas Seatbelt Laws. TRANSPORTATION CODE Chapter Operation and Movement of Vehicles § Child Passenger Safety Seat Systems; Offense.

Texas law now requires drivers and all passengers in vehicles to be secured by a safety belt. A safety belt Safety belts are designed for adults, not children.

Texas seat belt laws are described in Texas Transportation Code, Chapter These sections of the law govern the use of car seat belts for adults and children.

TEXAS. Keep Texas safe. Encourage drivers and passengers to buckle up. This fact sheet provides TEXAS. SEAT BELT AND CHILD. RESTRAINT LAWS. • Drivers and adult front seat belts regularly, such as men, teens, and young adults.