- multiple intelligence impact on adult learning


multiple intelligence impact on adult learning

Over the past few decades, research in the field of learning has led to the discovery of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. In short, this theory.

Proposed by Howard Gardner in , the theory of multiple intelligences has revolutionized how we understand intelligence. Learn more about the research behind his theory. Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning.

How can the use of the Multiple Intelligences impact the literacy to Vygotsky, the “sociocultural theory focuses not only how adults and peers.

In any classroom setting from preschool to college, students learn differently. Teaching concepts across multiple intelligence deepens learning. For adults in the workforce, failure to learn a new task can be viewed as a chance to try again. Science Projects: How Does the Volume of a Bottle of Water Affect Its Pitch?

Keywords teacher's performance, multiple intelligences, training, designing, mentoring . unable to give a significant effect on teachers' performance improvement as expected. .. Journal of Adult Education, 37(1),