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kingdom hearts fanfiction adult

Located: Kingdom Hearts > General. They were finally together at a rinky-dink pancake house in the middle of nowhere. Roxas wanted pancakes. Axel just.

Just a bunch of smut about Sora getting lucky with the various girls and women of Kingdom Hearts. Will include character pairing and tags at the beginning of.

A crossover of kingdom Hearts and Overlord. What if Sora was son of the fourth Overlord. Will he be able to stop the Heartless, build his kingdom, and gather a.

Updated: August 14, pm -: Rated: Adult + -: Chapters: 15 -: Reviews: 73 Located: Kingdom Hearts > FemSlash/Yuri - Female/Female. Namin.

Located: Kingdom Hearts > Slash/Yaoi - Male/Male. Riku finds Sora, a beautiful webcam model and instantly feels a connection. Romance, lust, and drama.