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(Reuters Health) - Parents who wait to start the crib-to-bed transition until toddlers old may find that both they and their children get better sleep, researchers say. climbs out of the crib or seems physically too big to stay in the current crib. “​Adults tend to see cribs as cages, but that's not how children see.

Saying good-bye to your child's crib is a big milestone, but a bittersweet one. Over 90% of month-olds sleep in a crib, but that gradually drops to about 80%​.

Is Your Toddler Ready for a Big-Kid Bed?​ Saying goodbye to the crib is a milestone for toddlers.​ The best way to tell whether your child is up for the transition to big-kid bed is to look for these signs.

Larger text size I'm thinking about letting my baby sleep in bed with me and my husband. Is this OK? Adult beds can be unsafe for babies. You can keep your baby near you by having him or her sleep in a bassinet, crib, or play yard.

“When should I transition my toddler from his crib to a 'big kid' bed? Typically, we here at The Baby Sleep Site® recommend that you don't rush We all know adults who lack impulse control, too, but that's for another day.