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Poodle and Lhasa Apso Mix - The Complete Lhasa Apso Guide adult lhasa poo

Lhasapoos are suited to many types of homes because they tend to be good natured. Learn all about Lhasapoo breeders, adoption, health, grooming, training​.

Small and cuddly, the Lhasapoo makes a wonderful companion for singles, Choose kibble blend appropriate for their age (puppy, adult, senior), size and.

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Lhasa-Poo Information and Pictures. The Lhasa-Poo is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Lhasa Apso and the Poodle.

Due to the canine's nature, it likes to play not just with children, but adults and other dogs provided that the Lhasa Poo pup has been socialized.